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Real Estate Closing Services Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Real Estate Closings


Like so many aspects of a real estate transaction, the closing process in Virginia is built on the tradition of common law and the professional laws and regulations that are codified and enforced by the Virginia State Bar, an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

As with any legal proceeding, the settlement process is subject to strict requirements. One includes the necessity of a settlement agent (who is not a party to the real estate transaction) to conduct the closing activities related to the sale, purchase and/or trade of real property in Virginia.



With numerous parties involved in the sale and purchase process, one of the most stressful things about closing is ensuring that all of the requirements for conducting and completing the transaction are in order – the very reason the settlement agent exists.

Many a Realtor®, individual buyer and/ or seller can speak to the “nightmare” scenario – all parties were present and ready to close, but one tiny, required step had been overlooked, leading to a delay that lasted by hours or even days!

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Settlements

Although each property and transaction is different, the regulated nature of real estate closings means that there should be few, if any, open items at the time of settlement, and little opportunity for error. A good settlement agent will ensure that all of the required elements for the closing have been considered and completed in an accurate and timely nature, including:

  • Ordering title insurance, surveys and inspections as defined in the representation agreement
  • Ensuring that title searches are completed, with any title defects quickly researched and resolved
  • Receiving escrow funds and paying expenses related to the closing
  • Reviewing all documentation required for closing
  • Scheduling and conducting the closing appointment
  • Coordinating with the title company/others regarding distribution of escrow and other funds related to the closing
  • Ensuring the recordation of any deeds and title policies as required by law
  • Providing all required documentation to buyers and sellers
  • Completing and distributing any required income tax documents related to the transaction

Adam Engel, Managing Partner at Prime Title & Escrow

Everyone who is involved in the closing process—the sellers, buyers, listing agent, buyers agent, lenders and the real estate settlement attorney—are all dependent on the resources of the settlement company.

Adam Engel is proud to act as a real estate settlement attorney for Prime Title & Escrow, LLC, a leading title and settlement company in the Washington, D.C. region. As a principal and settlement agent, Adam is able to leverage Prime’s mobile settlement capabilities to bring the settlement table to you and your clients. Prime Title & Escrow operates on the principles of neutrality, transparency and professionalism. Learn more about Prime Title & Escrow.

Adam Engel offers significant real-world real estate title and settlement expertise and vast experience. His single goal is to provide a flawless, stress-free settlement transaction that leaves everyone — buyer, seller, real estate agents and loan officers — feeling confident and happy. He focuses on being a dependable, valuable and flexible partner to his real estate agent and individual clients, and will be sure to listen to your concerns and ensure all questions are researched and answered in a time-sensitive fashion.

Contact Adam today to discuss how he can help increase your and your clients’ satisfaction with the real estate closing process, each and every settlement. Call him at 703-552-4155, email him or fill out his contact form.

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